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Gum Bleaching

Gum Bleaching or Gum whitening as it is commonly called, is a procedure that changes your dark colored gums to natural pink ones. There are different techniques to remove gum pigmentation depending upon the case. Here are some answers tofrequently asked questions:

Can the color of the dark gums be changed to pink?

There are people who have really dark gums and are extremely shy of showing their gums, smile or laugh. The reasons for dark gums can be genetic especially people with darker tones, due to smoking, intake of certain medicines, metal based crowns and restorations or even poor dental hygiene. Excess melanin builds up on the gums and make it brown or even black called hyperpigmentation. It could be the whole gum or some portions of the gums. Regardless, there are procedures that can make your gums pink and beautiful through gums bleaching.

How much time does Gum Bleaching take ?

The whole gum bleaching procedure takes one visit only and the patient comes out with pink, healthy gums and a confident smile.

How long does it take to heal?

After the laser treatment, patients may have a minor discomfort but they can speak and eat normally immediately after the treatment is completed.

How long does itgums bleaching last?

Most gum bleaching treatments can last for your entire lifetime. Your results will depend on the type of the treatment used by your dentist.

Who can take this treatment?

For gum bleaching procedures your gums must be healthy. We can assess your gum health at the consultation that you have with our dentist.

This treatment is not suitable for patients

  1. With any oral disease or infection
  2. With periodontal disease which means that its not a surface pigment problem
  3. Taking blood thinners. The treatment can cause excessive bleeding during the procedure.
  4. With thin gum tissue or prominent tooth roots. They may experience ongoing sensitivity if roots are accidentally exposed by the removal of gum tissue

These conditions need to screened prior to performing the gum bleaching procedure. Healthy gums respond better with reduced irritation compared to those infected.