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Post-Operative Care

Post-operative care after periodontal surgery is crucial to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

The first 24 hours are critical and you should rest and avoid any strenuous activities to minimize bleeding and swelling. Some pain and discomfort are common after the procedure and we may prescribe pain medications or recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to manage it. Applying ice packs to the face can also help reduce swelling.

For the first few days you should stick to a soft diet and avoid hot or spicy foods that may irritate the surgical site. Proper oral hygiene is essential during the healing process, but you should avoid brushing the surgical area for the first 24 hours. Instead, you can gently rinse your mouth with warm saltwater several times a day to keep the area clean.

After the initial 24 hours you can start using a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your teeth carefully, making sure not to disturb the sutures or the healing gums.

Follow-up appointments with your periodontist are essential to monitor the healing progress and to remove any sutures.

Depending on the extent of the surgery, several follow-up visits may be necessary. During these appointments we will assess the healing of the gums, ensure proper alignment of teeth and address any concerns or complications. You should follow the periodontist’s instructions diligently and report any signs of infection, excessive bleeding, or severe pain promptly.

With proper post-operative care you can expect a successful recovery and improved periodontal health.

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